Tech Talks is a website/YouTube Channel that covers everything related to Technology and Gadgets.

Founder & Author - Pradhuman Singh

Pradhuman Singh is a Tech Blogger running Tech Talks Official . He is a lover of anything related with technology , does blogging, is a thinker, lives in the Web, and a Simple fun loving guy. He is a Mass Communication and Journalism Student and lives in Dehra Dun (Uttarakhand) . He runs Tech Talks which covers news , reviews , how to articles about Smart Phones , Laptops , Tablets and everything related to technology and latest gadgets.

Tech Talks was founded in Dec. 2017 and is currently running successfully with many happy clients. The Publication covers all the launch events of Latest Gadgets and writes in a Visitor friendly manner so that visitors feel easy to get information and share out of sheer delight.
Pradhuman Singh is the main person behind this Publication and all the blogs that are up for people. He always look for fresh articles that can allure people to pay a visit to these blogs on daily basis and also those articles which provide information to different categories of people !

"Who says Love can't happen in first sight ?? Am in love with my Smartphone since the day one" 

He considers Blogging as the world where individuals can get drawn in with numerous new things and acquire information. Blogs are like open spot where everybody on the planet can come and realize many new things also Share their own particular encounters.

You can contact Pradhuman by sending him a Mail or giving ping on his number also!

Twitter: Pradhuman Singh