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Archer's 2 Game Review by Pradhuman Singh
The Archer's 2 
Hey Guys i hope you people are doing well 😋 Today i will review one of my favorite yet addictive game with all of you. 

Well honestly , defining a game is not one of the easiest things to do, it's not "nice and easy" to say what a game actually is as everyone have a different point of view but trust me , Archer's 2 is so so so cool .

Basically this game is about the world’s most popular characters, Stick Men! The game has some really cool colored background, a floating platform, and a bunch of stickmen with an infinite supply of arrows. So basically your mission in this game is to kill as many of your fellow stickmen as possible. You can use your bow and arrow to shoot down the enemy from the floating platforms 😋 

Archer's 2 Game Review, PlayStore

The best part of this game is that it have too many cool levels and trust me , they are not as easy as they seems 😉 

Archer's 2 Game Review , Tech Talks

So basically you have to kill your enemies 💀 and earn points (as much as you can) also when you will complete the level , you'll get some more points as a reward which you can use to buy other weapons such as Bow , arrows, etc . 

You can download the game from PlayStore by clicking here

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