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Samsung Could Have a Smartphone With a Graphene Battery by 2021: Report !!


Smartphone batteries are not something we think about a lot of capacity, as this usually gives you an indication of how long the entire smartphone will take. Most smartphones today contain lithium-ion batteries that now lack capacity, as smartphones become more powerful. The solution could be in the smartphone industry that adopts graphene batteries, which could reach at least one Samsung phone by 2021, according to tipster Evan Blass (also known as @ Levleaks).

Graphene batteries on smartphones using Samsung's graphene ball technology have been flipped for some time now, but a new tweet by Evan Blass suggests that time is still far away. The Blass source suggests that Samsung hopes to have at least one smartphone with a graphene battery by 2021. Currently, capacity needs to be increased while simultaneously reducing costs, according to the tweet.

Technology development is still expensive, but it has potential for smartphone batteries for several main reasons. In one case, graphene batteries will allow a larger capacity with a smaller size, allowing slim smartphones with built-in batteries that can power the phone longer. In addition, graphene batteries can be charged much faster, as Blass stated that full charging may occur in less than 30 minutes.

However, the cost of placing this battery in the smartphone is still very high and it may take some time to reach reasonable levels. When this happens, graphene batteries may finally allow smartphones to achieve greater potential without relying on large, heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries. However, until then, we will have to struggle with poor battery life on our smartphones, and slow charging times.

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