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From 0 TO 100K Instagram Followers within 3 Months !!

Hello everyone & welcome to the full, most detailed step-by-step Instagram guide. This is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to grow accounts effectively and quickly with organic engagement, and will teach you the best ways to monetize out of Instagram.

Step 1: Choose your niche !

Whether it's comedy or cars, the niche is the most important thing in an account. Choose a niche that you personally like and a niche that will give you motivation to post daily.

Step 2: Choose a clear username, write a clean bio and create a good looking profile picture

This is another important step, make sure to choose a clear username. A username without numbers and (preferably) without dots or underscores (this is optional).

Bad username: funnydogs1584
Good username: dogvideos

Be creative with a username! It's no secret that IG is a huge social network so most usernames will be taken, so be creative and make it clean.

A clean bio shouldn't be so hard, just make it straightforward and with a couple of emojis.

A profile pic isn't so hard either, just find a nice background and a nice font and create it in Photoshop or any other program.

Step 3: Start growing!

This is the primary part of the guide. The best way to grow an account with 0 investment is follow for follow (f4f). I know, this might sound bad for a lot of you, but truth is that f4f is the best way to grow your account and most people use it. You can even purchase bots that'll do it for you (that's with investment).

Now here's the best strategy for follow for follow:
- Follow accounts that are similar to your niche
- Go to those accounts and find the latest posts or the posts with the least amount of likes
- Follow people who liked those posts
That way you'll find people that are active and are liking posts (even posts that aren't doing well), and they'll follow you back.

Follow at least 50 people every hour so you'll not get blocked, this will take 2 minutes and considering the fact that everyone here is looking at their phone every 15 minutes, that shouldn't be a problem.

Now obviously this tutorial is for beginners, IG has tons of way to grow your account and it can go really deep (4G proxies, Jarvee, slave/mother method, and more), these methods are better for growing a network of accounts (50 accounts), but in this guide I taught how to grow a single account.

Enjoy ❤️

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