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Pokemon Masters will be released on Android and iOS this summer !!

Pokemon Masters, a new game played by DeNa's partner from Nintendo, will come to the Android and iOS platforms this summer. The company released a trailer for the new game and announced its launch date. Pokemon Masters focuses primarily on battles, rather than capturing Pokemon, and allows you to authenticate coaches as well, as a team and battle side by side. The game is located on an artificial island called Paseo, and the island's coaches aim to become champions of Pokemon Masters.
In this game, users will find coaches with one Pokemon traveling with them throughout the island. These are called Sync Pairs, and throughout the game, users will meet with many of these sync pairs that can form a team to fight in the league. To qualify for the Pokemon Masters League, the team must collect badges along their journey, according to the game's small site. There are real-time 3 games also 3 games that will earn them bonuses. Pokemon fights have a different kind of moves like synchronizing movements and motion measurement to make the game more attractive. Even coaches have moves, and players can choose from a set of sync pairs to create their dream team and journey towards the Pokemon Masters League.
The game's creator, Jon Sasaki, said in the trailer that the goal during the game was to "create a game that allows anyone to pick up their phones and enjoy the Pokemon battles." The game will be released on Google Play and the app store. To remind, Nintendo cooperated with DeNa Japanese in 2015 to develop mobile phone games from many popular franchises.
He has performed well for Pokemon franchise, after the success of Pokemon Joe's game. Developers Game Freak also announced that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games will be available to Nintendo Switch users as of November 15.

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