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iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max Put to 'Ultimate Drop Test' in New Video, Beat iPhone X !!


XS and iPhone XS Max are the latest Apple smartphones sold in the first round of markets starting on Friday, September 21st. One of these markets is Australia, the guys who run the YouTube channel TechSmart hold one of each to put it through a common landing test, which involves dropping them from different heights. YouTuber also compared these results with that of Apple's flagship iPhone X in 2017. Let's check the results and see if the new iPhone models offer exactly what Apple has promised for durability - remember, in the launch event, that it might IPhone XS and iPhone XS Max add "the world's most powerful smartphone".

The video starts with a pocket test that involves dropping all three phones from a standard pocket pocket for a pair of jeans. Each of the three iPhone variants - iPhone XS, XS Max and X - is intact without any signs of cavities, scratches or cracks after the first round. The stainless steel construction runs to protect the edges from any jokes as well.

This tour is followed by a drop of head height, from the ear when making a call. The first thing that fails is the iPhone X last year, which develops a big crack on the side of the screen that hit the ground. However, fortunately, the iPhone XS does not damage due to the low of the same level. The larger iPhone XS Max gets a "big top part" at the top of the device.

Then comes the final fall test, one of the height of 10 feet or about 3 meters. The iPhone X is on its back, and the glass on the back and on the screen crashes completely because of the effect. For iPhone XS, the next, surprises with no sign of damage even after this high fall. Finally, the iPhone XS Max gets half the screens because of most weight differences compared to the iPhone XS. Additionally, the Max XS model began to appear after the effect.

Despite the fact that these tests show a significant improvement in the durability of the glass on newer iPhone models, the drop tests are not necessarily a gold standard to test the strength of permanent glass. The real world conditions are usually different from these specific tests and the experience can vary from user to user.

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