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WhatsApp for iPhone Gets Message Forwarding Restrictions in Latest Update !!

The Facebook owned WhatsApp application has rolled out the latest software update on iPhone that restricts redirection capabilities to only 5 chats at once. This development was first announced through the famous messaging platform in July 2018, following reports of false news that caused sectarian tension in certain parts of India. The update, with version 2.18.81, also removes the Quick Redirect shortcut that previously appeared alongside the media messages on the iPhone. These changes come as part of WhatsApp's goal to maintain a "private messaging application" image instead of the notorious one publishing fake news.

These features are now available on the fixed version of iOS WhatsApp after days of testing. Users can update WhatsApp from the Apple App Store. Changes were first detected by WABetaInfo, which are visible in the application, but are not listed in the App Store's Change List. Beta viewer also claims that the update brings fixes for errors.

As a reminder, the development came in July after reports of false news on the message platform. WhatsApp has said that using the app in a manner that violates our Terms of Service will actively prevent such actions.

In another attempt to address the issue of counterfeit news on its platform, WhatsApp last month launched the "suspicious links index" feature that detects suspicious links locally and alerts the recipient before opening it. Another disclaimer appears even after the user clicks on these links.

Earlier this month, the new Main WhatsApp feature, mass video calls and voice calls were widely offered to all Android and iPhone users worldwide. While voice dialing and voice calls have been a feature in WhatsApp since 2016, the number of participants has previously been limited to two. There are up to 4 participants in one call.

Separately, last week, a report suggested that the WhatsApp application might work on a new feature for displaying images on Android. This development comes several months after the receipt of WhatsApp for iOS feature in January of this year.

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