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Oops! Sony accidentally loaded the whole movie on YouTube instead of a trailer !!

Sony Pictures accidentally uploaded a full-length Khali the Killer on YouTube, the first component of the red trailer.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the production of the 89-minute and 46-second film on July 3 was broadcast on its YouTube channel.

First seen in the news from the entertainment site.

The movie was live for eight hours before being removed from YouTube.

In those eight hours, this has attracted some interest from YouTube users, but in the midst of all this, the film is a different kind.

For those who missed this opportunity once in a lifetime, the movie is currently available for rent or digital purchase.

Interestingly, they are available on a rental basis on YouTube itself.

The film is written and directed by John Matthews. One of the stars of Richard Cabral, who plays the role of a professional killer, plays his last role aside when it happens to develop sympathy for the intended victims.

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