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Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) Facing Loudspeaker Issues After Recent Update !!

According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) was affected by a problem related to the speaker after a recent software update. Several users complain about a strange cut of sound from a speaker after installing the security update released by Samsung. Apparently, this problem is noticed when the smartphone is charging, but it also seems to happen in other cases. To remember, Samsung launched the Galaxy A8 (2018) at the end of last year, along with the Galaxy A8 + (2018). While the latter entered the Indian market, the first never had a launch in the country.

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Reports of speaker sound cuts in Galaxy A8 (2018) have emerged in the Samsung community forums. Affected users have claimed that Galaxy A8 units (2018) seem to have the problem when they play something on the speaker, regardless of whether it is a phone call, video, music or a ringtone, according to people in Piunikaweb. However, none of the users have reported cuts that are not present when using the headset, headphones or a Bluetooth speaker.

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In several of the reported cases, hardware resets and factory reset do not seem to offer much help. Interestingly, some of the users have also claimed that the problem is present even when the phone is in charging mode, which indicates that the problem could be related to the battery.

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A user on YouTube has posted a videoproof that supposedly shows the sound problem during loading. According to the video, the problem does not seem to affect the phone when the charging cable is plugged in, but it returns when the user plugs the cable again.

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Meanwhile, affected users say that Samsung support is asking them to deliver their devices to repair them. Several others have reported that even taking the Galaxy A8 (2018) to repair did not solve the problem. However, there has not been an official statement issued by Samsung as of now.

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According to reports, many of the affected users have tried debugging steps through a secure mode or even a factory reset, in vain. Notably, users may need to wait until Samsung solves the problem in their next OTA update, since it seems to be a software problem.

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