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Apparently the biggest Instagram 's update we all were waiting is finally out !!


Back at their F8 developer conference, Facebook announced a complete set of new Instagram features that can have a big social impact on the photo sharing application. Now, starting today and on the heels of the company's IGTV launch, all those features come to iOS and Android. That includes Instagram's new video chat feature, its custom AR filters designed by third parties such as celebrities and influential people, and the new redesign of the Explore tab.

Video chat can be started from the Instagram Direct tab with one person or a group of up to four people in total. It will only work with people with whom you already have an active live thread, which requires both parties to respond. Blocking or silencing someone will also deactivate that person's ability to video chat with you. The Explore redesign is also turning the search tab into an area focused on topics where it scrolls through categories such as "animals" or "architecture," as well as trend hashtags.

The most interesting new update on Instagram are the custom AR filters for Stories. For the first time, Instagram allows third parties to create these filters, and the launch is starting with those of Ariana Grande, the NBA and BuzzFeed, among others. Like the Snapchat lenses that popularized AR-style camera effects, these new Instagram filters will allow you to magnify a photo or selfie with virtual effects and objects. And if it detects an AR filter used in an image or video in another person's story, Instagram adds an option to add it to their personal effects toolkit to test it.

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