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Hey ! Are you Looking for Cheap and Best Quality Back-Covers for your Smartphone ?? [GIVEAWAY]


Hey! Are you looking for the best quality back covers for your smartphones?
As we all know, there are too many companies out there who claim to be the best. No doubt, back covers play a very significant role when it comes to the safety of your device. So, here I am to review some products by @Glam-O-Phones just for you.

Glam-O-Phones make loads of "tough" smartphone cases that offer excellent drop protection. And I chose to review these for you all because these are available for multiple devices. I used as well as tested these back covers myself for a couple of days. So, here's my honest opinion about it.

This Review includes : 

👉 The Drop Test 

👉 The Water Proof Test (This is to check the quality of its color and design)


Well, trust me when I say these covers are just amazing. 👌

They come with wide variety of colors and designs. And the best part is that Glam-O-Phones sell a number of other cases with artistic designs as well. Also, it gives you a wonderful option to put your own image on the cases. Glam-O-Phones sell personalised passport cases as well. We have also done some interesting research and experiments to test it in the best possible way. So, keep reading! 👇


Yes, you read that right. These back covers are waterproof as well as shockproof. I dropped this phone from a pretty good height. And to my surprise, there was no damage at all.

Now, you can clearly see in the picture that the cover is completely wet and when you zoom in on the picture you will find that the quality of its color and design is great. And you know what is even more interesting than that, it comes with one year of color and design warranty too. 😁💪


As I mentioned above that I've used it myself for a couple of days, so here's my honest ratings:

➡ PACKING 👉 9/10

The courier comes via Fed-Ex courier services and I must say they are doing a really great job. Also, don't forget to take your identity proof with you in order to receive the courier.

➡ DESIGN 👉 10/10

To be honest, Glam-O-Phones are unique and it looks damn cute. The phone you get via courier looks exactly the same as it looks in pictures. Its wide range of colors and designs offer thousands of choices for you to grab.

➡ COLOR 👉 10/10

This is something which impressed me the most. The colors that Glam-O-Phones offer are awesome. Have a look at the yellow-colored cover. Isn't it AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL?

➡ TOUGHNESS 👉 9/10

I dropped this cover from around 10 feet (3 m) and there was no trace of any damage at all which clearly justifies its toughness.

Moreover, these are so attractive. I mean just zoom in on these pictures and get attracted to it. 😉👍
You will definitely fall in love with it. Also, when it comes to the quality of Glam-O-Phones, I can guarantee you will love that too.


Yes ! These are too cheap. These awesome smartphone covers cost only 699 INR (10.73 USD) which is too cheap. One can easily afford it. So, what are you waiting for? Go! Get it for yourself now! 

So here are few more pictures : 

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