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How to Download any TV Series in FREE ??


No Doubt we  all do like TV  series and when it comes to Netflix , everyone loves them but the thing is , Netflix is a Paid Application which means in order to see your favorite TV Series , you have to Pay some amount , actually not only Netflix , nowadays all these type of Apps comes with a Paid Version . So guys , welcome to the new How To Article of Tech Talks , am Pradhuman Singh and today am going to tell you a simple trick by which you can download any season of any series so without wasting time , let's start 😃

NOTE : It's NOT AT ALL ILLEGAL so have fun 💪😸

If you trying to find and download any TV series but you cant because of lot of ads and surveys as well as fake sites. Just open Google and type “index of <Title of the TV series >” and enter. you’ll get the direct links of directory from where you can easily download any TV series without any ads and surveys. It works most of the time. Just try once.

For Example : If i want to download Breaking Bad , Season : 2 , 

And , here we go :

Now just click on the season, select episode and download it without any problem . You can even select the Video Quality , and it's very easy to download . 

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