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Planning to buy i Phone 8 ?? Here's a happy news for you !!


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i Phone X may hogged all the limelight this year, leaving less takers for Apple's other two i Phones from this year's lineup. But for those of you are considering buying the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, this may be the time.
Online market place Amazon is offering discounts on the duo for both storage variants.

The Apple iPhone 8 is available at a discount of up to Rs 9,010 for the 64GB variant version. The handset was launched at Rs 64,000 and is available at Rs 54,990. For the 256GB variant, which was launched at Rs 77,000, the discount is up to Rs 7,522, bringing the price down to Rs 69,478. The discount varies with the colour.

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Moving on to the iPhone 8 Plus, the handset was launched at Rs 73,000 for the 64GB variant and is selling at Rs 66,427 after a discount of up to Rs 6,573.

However, there is no discount for the 256GB variant of the smartphone and is available at a minimum price of Rs 79,049.

Recently, Apple hiked the prices of its current lineup in India, following the government's new ruling to increase basic customs duty on all mobile phones imported into India to 15% from the earlier 10%.

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Apple reportedly imports almost about 88% of the phones it sells in India and Apple is one of the most affected companies.

Several e-commerce websites, including Amazon, are still selling the devices at the old price tags.

The 64GB and 256GB of iPhone 8 Plus have received a price hike of Rs 2,450 and Rs 2,750 respectively. The 256GB version which was launched at Rs 86,000 is now available at Rs 88,750, while the new price of the 64GB variant is Rs 75,450, which was priced at Rs 73,000. For the iPhone 8, the prices of the 64GB and 256GB variants have been increased by Rs 2,120 and Rs 2,420 respectively. The 64GB version, which was launched at Rs 64,000, is now available at Rs 66,120, while the 256GB which was available at Rs 77,000 is now priced at Rs 79,420.