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Someone posted a 35,000 character tweet . Here is How !

Someone posted a 35,000 character tweet , here's how to do it !

NEW DELHI: Twitter recently increased its 140 character limit to 280 characters. Not all users have got the option to post in 280 characters yet. However, two users with curious minds have posted an unimaginable tweet in 35,000 characters.

The massive essay-like tweet was posted over the weekend and was promptly taken down by Twitter. In addition, Twitter also temporarily suspended the two users' accounts. However, the copy of the tweet has already reached the Internet Archive website and the temporary ban on the account has been lifted already.

"People! @Timrasett and @HackneyYT can exceed the character limit! You do not believe us? Here's about 35k characters proof," says the first line of the tweet. The line was followed by rest of the characters.

So how is it possible?

The two users have not revealed how they managed to compose and post a 35,000 character tweet. But another user did reveal the secret. The Twitter user has posted that the main body of the tweet is nothing but a url. Since it is a url, Twitter counts it as a single character.

In case you want to try it, type "www." followed by endless characters without leaving a space, and end it with ".cc" or any extension for that matter. Then see the remaining character limit.


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