It might be recalled that the original song ‘Aunty Ki Ghanti’ released in 2015 was in news earlier this year. The lyrics included lines such as ‘dekh ke jawani teri jhatka meinu lagta hai, neeche wala dekh mera salute tenu karta hai’. It enraged a lot of people, naturally. But also found a huge number of people who loved the catchy tune and lyrics. Jokes cracked in private were knitted into the form of a song, and that perhaps made it popular. 
The song Aunty ki Ghanti had sparked off several debates on the objectification of women, insulting and obscene lyrics to just plain bad music. There were also strong supporters, who loved the music created by Omprakash Mishra and even ran support campaigns for him. Some took to the streets to express their support while, sadly, there were a few who sent death threats to a journalist, who demanded YouTube to remove the video.

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